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Photos + Entertainment = Phototainment

Thank you for selecting

All You Selfie Booth!


Are you photo booth ready?

  • Ensure event location allows for easy photo booth set up (elevator, ramps, etc.)


  • An ideal setup is inside, 10x10x10,  and near standard wall outlet (3 prong). 


  • Arrange for table and 2 chairs.  This allows for any props to be displayed and convenient for guests to set phones, drinks, purses, etc. down to take pictures.

  • We suggest you make the booth viewable and easily accessible for guests to interact with. Should be enough room for people to stand in line. 

  • Don't know what to do for a backdrop?  Backdrops vary based on your style, budget, venue, etc.  Check out the links below for ideas.  You may also ask your venue contact if she/he recommends a certain space that is decorated / great as a backdrop.

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